Coastal inland

The Coastal Inland:


The coastal inland is characterized by low scrubs and grass vegetation and often by sandy soil conditions. It is open and sunny with low trees and bushes that are used by people to make charcoal out of it. This is mainly the case where the level rises some 0 to 50 meters above sea level.

Often this land is urbanized by local farmers that grow crops like banana, pineapple and cassava. Urbanization comes in different density and only if water is present in the area. Because the land is very low, the creeks and rivers have mostly swamps at the sides with low vegetation, sometimes aquatic vegetation as well.



In the more economic developed countries of South America like Brazil, Argentine, Uruguay and Paraguay the urbanization becomes a treat to the habitats of our killies and other wildlife. Mostly first by eliminating all trees and later occupation of all land by building roads and cities. In most undeveloped country, the vegetation keeps up against the influence of mankind and no treats to the environment are seen yet.
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