Mangrove's, the breeding room for marine fishes.

Worldwide, all kind of people and scientists recognize the importance of the mangrove's, not only as known breeding ground for a lot of marine aquatic life but also for its capability to protect the shores and the land behind. Its existence has a huge impact on the entire marine ecosystem and forming of new land.

Kryptolebias marmoratus.

Some of our Killie's live in, or close to, this extraordinary environment.

One of it is Kryptolebias marmoratus. Others are from the family Cyprinodon, a family that is found along the caribbean island and the shores of northern South America, Middle America up to florida.


More to the south, not far from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil another Kryptolebias lives in brackish waters close to the shore. Often marine water can mix with the habitat they live in. This is Kryptolebias caudomarginatus.

Mangrove where Kryptolebias marmoratus can dwell.
Mangrove where Kryptolebias marmoratus can dwell.

It is clear that this mangrove environment needs protection as more and more shorelines are being cleaned from mangroves to build hotels and beaches all over the world.

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