Jordanella floridae, Goode & Bean, in Goode 1879


The genus Jordanella was erected to give place to the monotypic species J. floridae. The genus was named after David Star Jordan. (see Jordanella introduction page).

Jordanella floridae was named by G.B. Goode and T.H. Bean in 1879 after Florida, the US state they can be found. The typelocality is Lake Monroe, Florida at 81°17'W; 28°49' N.

The species lives in open and sunny areas in swamps and creeks, small rivers, ponds and ditches and is endemic to the Florida peninsula in the southeast of the USA.

It is believed that this genus is stronly related to the genus Cyprinodon. It forms a clade with Garmanella and Floridichthys.

Jordanella floridae - male. Port Charlotte, Florida. Image made and donated by Tony Terceira, USA.


The species is easy in reproduction and is ideal to start with as beginning killi hobbyist. THey lay their eggs in plants and algae and can be very productive. Jordanella males will defend their territory against intruders, like males of their own kind but also to other fishes and even to females after spawning. For that reason the tank should be not to small if they are kept with other fishes.

Eggs are attached to the plants one by one after a rich display of the male. Fry hatch about 14 days after being laid. It is best to breed the species by the use of a perlon mop which can being taken out of the water by collecting the eggs by hand.


The youngs can eat fresh live artemia nauplii from the first day on. The species can stand water parameters that may differ in hardness and pH values. Normally the water they live in is soft and neutral in pH.

The species is often available in aquarium shops worldwide as it is bred commercially in several far-eastern contries. It is reported in the wild on the island Kalimantan by G. Myers in 1940 and we can be sure it was released by local breeders or people that had it in their aquariums.




Max. size 5.0 cm.
Dorsal 15-16,
Anal 12-13,
LL scale count 25-26,



Goode, G.B. and T.H. Bean. 1879. In: Goode, G.B.. A preliminary catalog of the fishes of the St. John's River and the east coast of Florida, with descriptions of a new genus and three new species. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 2: 117