Christoph Gustav Ernst Ahl (1 September 1898 – 14 February 1945) was a German zoologist, born in Berlin.

He was the director of the department of ichthyology and herpetology in the Museum für Naturkunde. He was also the editor in chief of the review Das Aquarium from 1927 to 1934. He was executed while in refuge in Yugoslavia, after the partisans knew he was a German.

Scientific publications (PDF) concerning "New World" Killies only:

In progress.

Ahl, 1922 Cynolebias adloffi

Ahl, 1924 Cynolebias wolterstorffi

Ahl, 1925 Rivulus rachovii

Ahl, 1926 Rivulus xanthonotus

Ahl, 1934 Cynolebias schreitmuelleri

Ahl, 1934 Cynolebias spinifer

Ahl, 1938 Cynolebias irregularis

Ahl, 1938 Cyprinodon cyaneostriga

Ahl, 1936 Profundulus balsanus

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