Heinz. O. Berkenkamp is a researcher from Germany which has contributed a lot to the knowledge of the non-annual Rivulids in particular to the fishes from Panama and Ecuador. He also was active in describing annual taxa. His publications are mostly written in the German language and he worked often with Dr. Vollrad Etzel, also from Germany, that passed away in the year 2012.

Scientific publications (PDF) concerning "New World" Killies only:

In progress.


Berkenkamp, 1984 Rivulus haraldsiolii

Berkenkamp, 1984 Rivulus lungi

Berkenkamp, 1989 Rivulus erberi

Berkenkamp & Etzel, 1993 Rivulus kuelpmanni

Berkenkamp, 1993 Cynolebias hellneri

Berkenkamp & Etzel, 1993 Rivulus frommi

Etzel, Reichert & Salvia, 1994 Cynolebias vazferreirai

Berkenkamp & Etzel, 1995 Rivulus monikae

Berkenkamp 1997 Cynolebias nioni

Berkenkamp & Etzel, 1997 Rivulus villwocki

Berkenkamp and Etzel 1999 Rivulus wassmanni

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