Dr. Wilson J.E.M Costa is a well respected and very active scientist from Brazil that is working on the annual and non-annual Rivulidae from South America. The number of his publications is huge and in many of his papers he was able to re-organize the family groups and genera. Osteology is the specialism of this scientist.

Scientific publications (PDF) concerning "New World" Killies only:

In progress.


Costa 1998 A. carvalhoi (Redescription of Cynolebias carvalhoi, Myers 1925)

Costa 2003 Rivulus parnaibensis

Costa 2004 Cryptolebias - Kryptolebias

Costa 2004 Moema apurinani

Costa 2004 Aphyolebias boticaroi

Costa 2004 Rivulus kirovskyi

Costa 2004 Kryptolebias_ocellatus (redescription)

Costa 2005 Rivulus dapazi

Costa 2005 Rivulus cyanopterus

Costa 2005 Rivulus rossoi

Costa 2005 Rivulus litteratus

Costa 2005 Rivulus rutilicaudus

Costa 2005 Rivulus scalaris

Costa 2005 Rivulus egens

Costa 2006 Simpsonichthys fasciatus

Costa 2006 Simpsonichthys gibberatus

Costa 2006 Simpsonichthys virgulatus

Costa 2006 Relationships and taxonomy of the killifish genus Rivulus 1-14

Costa 2006 Relationships and taxonomy of the killifish genus Rivulus 15-28

Costa 2006 Relationships and taxonomy of the killifish genus Rivulus 29-48

Costa 2006 Campellolebias intermedius

Costa 2006 Rivulus kayapo

Costa 2007 Rivulus crixas

Costa 2007 Rivulus javahe

Costa 2007 Rivulus karaja

Costa 2007 Rivulus rubromarginatus

Costa 2007 Rivulus salmonicaudus

Costa 2007 Pituna brevirostrata

Costa 2007 Pituna schindleri

Costa 2007 Pituna oblicuroceriata

Costa 2007 Pituna xinguensis

Costa 2007 Plesiolebias fragilis

Costa 2007 Plesiolebia altamira

Costa 2007 Plesiolebias filamentosus

Costa 2007 Plesiolebias canabravensis

Costa 2007 Maratecoara plendida

Costa 2007 R_luelingi (re-description)

Costa 2007 R. haraldsiolii (re-description)

Costa 2007 Simpsonichthys punctulatus

Costa 2007 Taxonomic revision of Simpsonichthys

Costa 2008 Austrolebias paucisquama

Costa 2008 Rivulus jurubatibensis

Costa 2008 Rivulus planaltinus

Costa 2009 Rivulus cearensis

Costa 2009 Rivulus riograndensis

Costa 2009 Rivulus unaensis

Costa 2010 Historical biogeography cynolebiasini

Costa 2010 Cynolebias parnaibensis

Costa 2011 Hypsolebias guanambi

Costa 2011 Hypsolebias nudiorbitatus

Costa 2011 Phylogenetic position all Rivulus

Costa 2012 Rivulus uribarajai

Costa 2012 Rivulus kunzei

Costa 2012 Simpsonichthys_margaritatus

Costa 2013 Rivulus (Anablepsoides) henschelae

Costa 2013 Rivulus (Anablepsoides) ottonii

Costa 2013 Rivulus (Anablepsoides) gamae

Costa 2013 Rivulus (Anablepsoides) jari

Costa 2013 Rivulus (Anablepsoides) roraima

Costa 2013 Rivulus (Melanorivulus) leali

Costa 2013 Rivulus (Laimosemion) jauaperi

Costa 2014 Rivulus (Melanorivulus) rubroreticulatus

Costa 2014 Revision Austrofundulus-Rachovia and Moema-Aphyolebias

Costa 2014 Nematolebias catimbau

Costa 2015 Melanorivulus atlanticus

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