In this section you find several authors, that did work on Killies ocasionally or as part in other scientific publications. 



Scientific publications (PDF) concerning "New World" Killies only:

In progress.

1958 Dahl , Los peces del Rio Sinu.pdf

1974 Castello & Lopez, Cynolebias alexandri.

2002 Ibisch et al. - Bolivian Fislist

2006 Calviño P.A., Austrolebias toba.

2009 Laufer , Diet of four annual Killifishes

2014 Nibia et al., The Neotropical Genus Austrolebias: An Emerging Model of Annual Killifishes

2014 Ponce de Leon et al. , Phylogeography of Cuban Rivulus

2014 Ferrer , Cynopoecilus notabilis


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