Prof. JAMIE EDWARD THOMERSON May 5, 1935 – January 4, 2015

Graduating from Menard High School in 1953, he received a B.S. in Geology, University of Texas at Austin, 1957, a M.S. in Geology at Texas Tech, Lubbock, 1961, and PhD. in Zoology at Tulane University, New Orleans, 1965. He was recognized as an expert on killifishes, making many trips to Venezuela, Belize, Colombia, Guyana and Peru to collect freshwater fishes. He and his students also studied the fish populations of the small streams of southern Illinois, Missouri and Indiana. He was a research associate at the Field Museum in Chicago. With David Greenfield of the Univ. of Hawaii, he co-authored a book, Fishes of the Continental Waters of Belize, Univ. Press of Florida.

Scientific publications (PDF) concerning "New World" Killies only:

In progress.

Taphorn & Thomerson 1975 Annual Orinoco Killifish

Taphorn & Thomerson 1976 Rachovia splendens synonymisation

Taphorn & Thomerson 1989 Rachovia hummelincki

Thomerson, Taphorn & Nico 1990 Peces Anuales rio Unare Venezuela

Thomerson, Nico & Taphorn 1991 Rivulus immaculatus

Berkenkamp, Thomerson & Taphorn 1991 Rivulus lyricauda

Thomerson, Nico & Taphorn 1992 Rivulus tecminae

Lasso, Taphorn & Thomerson 1992 Rivulus gransabana

Thomerson & Taphorn 1992 Pterolebias xiphophorus

Thomerson & Taphorn 1992 Rivulus nicoi

Thomerson & Taphorn 1993 Rivulus corpulentus

Thomerson & Taphorn 1995 Renova oscari

Thomerson & Taphorn 2008 Rivulus (Llanolebias) stellifer

Piñero, Taphorn, Segnini & Thomerson 1974 Habitos Alimentarios Pterolebias

Elder, Turner, Thomerson & Taphorn 1991 Chromosome Gnatholebias

Thomerson Taphorn Nico 1990 Distribution peces annuales

Nico $ Thomerson - Food analizes in annual fishes from Venezuela

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