Prof. Bruce Turner, Usa.

Born 19 September, 1945, at Brooklyn, New York.

2058 Eggleston Rd
Eggleston, VA 24086-3008

Bachelor of Science; Brooklyn College, City University of New York; June, 1966.
Master of Arts; University of California at Los Angeles; June 1967.
Doctor of Philosophy; University of California at Los Angeles; March 1972. [Dissertation: “Genetic Divergence and Variation of Death Valley Pupfish Populations,” major professors: B. W. Walker (dec.) and V.Walters (dec.).]


Scientific publications (PDF) concerning "New World" Killies only:

In progress.


CV Prof_Bruce Turner 2015

Turner et al. 2006 Evolution of ‘maleness’ and outcrossing in
a population of the self-fertilizing killifish,
Kryptolebias marmoratus


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